Horse Health Lines (Spring 2019) online

The Spring 2019 issue of Horse Health Lines, news publication for the WCVM’s Townsend Equine Health Research Fund, is now online. You can also view the publication as part of the Early Summer 2019 issue of Canadian Horse Journal or download a PDF version of the publication.

Here’s a sneak peek at the stories inside this issue:

  • $68K for five horse health projects: TEHRF provides more than $68,000 in funding for five new horse health studies that will be conducted by WCVM researchers over the next two years.
  • Viral yoyageur: WCVM scientist Dr. Kristen Conn’s fascination with all things microscopic is taking her on an exciting journey into the world of equine herpesviruses.
  • “A tough little horse”: Nearly five years after a serious leg injury nearly ended his life, Appoggiatura is making beautiful music on Western Canada’s harness racing circuit.
  • Dipping into mare’s milk: Mare’s milk may help researchers learn more about the cause of a devastating foal disease called congenital hypothyroidism dysmaturity syndrome (CHDS).
  • Hooked on horses: Dr. Kirby Penttila’s love for horses and barrel racing set her up for a career as an equine practitioner whose clients give her plenty of incentive to stay up to speed in the field.
  • A primer on poultices: WCVM veterinarian Dr. Nora Chavarria gives some practical tips on using poultices for treating abscesses.
  • Teeth talk: Equine field service clinician Dr. Michelle Husulak answers some common questions about equine dental anatomy and how veterinarians manage your horse’s dental health.
  • Uplifting equine research: USask researchers have gained support for their rehabilitative harness research work.

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