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About the TEHRF

Palomino foalWe bring better health to horses.

Since 1977, the Townsend Equine Health Research Fund (TEHRF) has had a tremendous influence on the quality of horse health care that’s available in Western Canada and around the world. The research fund has also played a major role in making the Western College of Veterinary Medicine a national centre for horse health research and specialized training.

With grassroots support from Western Canada’s horse industry, the Fund annually invests more than $100,000 in:

  • equine health research projects
  • research awards for graduate students
  • a summer research program for undergraduate veterinary students

The Townsend Equine Health Research Fund has:

  • provided financial support to train nearly four dozen equine specialists in surgery, internal medicine, reproduction, epidemiology and pathology. Former EHRF Research Fellows are now part of an extensive network of equine practitioners and researchers across North America.
  • supplied research grants for more than 200 equine health-related studies that were conducted by WCVM researchers and their collaborators. Findings from these projects have led to a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic advances in horse health care that are now used throughout the world.
  • encouraged generations of undergraduate veterinary students to pursue equine-health related careers in private practice, research, academia and industry.
  • promoted equine health education and awareness among members of Western Canada’s horse industry through educational seminars, industry meetings and horse health articles.