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Marathon surgery saves mare’s life

December 12th, 2011

When Dr. James Carmalt examined the grey Arabian mare named Noor for the first time at the WCVM’s Veterinary Medical Centre last fall, the first thing that surprised him about the horse was her body condition. “You could tell that Mr. Abidi (her caregiver) had been working hard to ensure that she had the right type of feed available and …

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Noor, pre-surgery
Noor Summer 11

Noor: “An incredible learning experience”

Veterinary surgeons weren’t the only WCVM specialists faced with “firsts” during the procedure on Noor, the Arab mare with a cancerous growth on her jaw. The veterinary college’s anesthesiology team also had the chance to break new ground during the horse’s lengthy surgery. “I learned that you can anesthetize a horse for 13 hours and everything can go well which …

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Patching up Pearl

For equine surgeon Dr. Ryan Shoemaker of Sherwood Park, Alta., a typical day involves treating a wide variety of equine clients that often include high-end race horses and show horses. But the guiding principle for him and the other veterinarians at Delaney Veterinary Services Ltd. remains the same whether they’re working with valuable race horses or backyard ponies: No matter …

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Dr. Stacy Anderson in surgery.

Under pressure

When your horse is undergoing major abdominal surgery for a condition such as colic the last thing you want to worry about is whether the surgical incision site may open up during recovery or in the early post-operative period. It can happen, but thankfully, acute incisional bursting (or dehiscence) following abdominal surgery is extremely rare in horses. “Acute incisional bursting is …

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