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tying-up syndrome

Primed up for a down horse

April 15th, 2021

When the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Medical Centre (VMC) received a call about a down horse last fall, the hospital’s large animal clinical team jumped into action. Hickory, a 12-year-old quarter horse mare, had competed in a rodeo in Regina, Sask., on a warm September day. Unfortunately, after Hickory and her rider completed running a pole pattern, the …

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quarter horse barrels

Tying-up syndrome

Tying-up syndrome, or rhabdomyolysis, is a myopathy (disorder affecting the body’s muscle system) that causes muscle-cell destruction and decreases an affected horse’s performance. Common systems include painful muscle cramping and hardening as well as severe increases in muscle enzymes that can be detected through laboratory testing. Exertional rhabdoyolyses are disorders that typically occur in horses performing exercise beyond their conditioning …

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Vicki Patrie

Horse Health Lines (Autumn 2010) now online

The Autumn 2010 issue of Horse Health Lines is now online. View your own full-colour copy of the WCVM Equine Health Research Fund’s news publication. Inside this issue, you’ll find the following stories: • “I’m Just a Curious Guy”: A profile of Dr. Andy Allen — veterinary pathologist, researcher and “general manager” for equine sarcoid research projects at the WCVM. • Operation …

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