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Completed Research

Cassie filly

EHRF Research Grants, 2012-13

Can an antihistamine prevent morphine’s side effects? Drs. T. Duke, J. Bracamonte, J. and J. Carmalt Although morphine infusions are becoming the standard, pain-relieving analgesic for horses undergoing invasive surgery, the drug frequently causes negative side effects, particularly low blood pressure (hypotension). Because these problems may result from morphine triggering a histamine release, researchers want to investigate the effectiveness of …

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Grey horse

EHRF Research Grants, 2011-2012

How do stem cells affect wound healing? Drs. S. Barber, H. Sparks, A. Allen, V. Misra, J. Decoteau, S. Hendrick and J. Gordon Wounds are a common, costly problem in horses that can lead to complications and diminished performance. Stem cell treatments may offer benefits including faster healing and better quality of repair. This summer, a WCVM research team will …

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Dr. Steve Manning acupuncture

EHRF research grants, 2010-11

How does arthrodesis affect carpal flexion? Drs. Spencer Barber and Luca Panizzi, WCVM: Dr. James Johnston, U of S College of Engineering; and Patty Tulloch and Hayley Lang, WCVM students Injuries to the carpal joints are common in horses and frequently result in arthritis that can be painful and debilitating. Arthrodesis, surgical fusion of the joint, has occasionally been used …

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aedan trotting

EHRF Research Grants: 2009-2010

What’s the best way to characterize and localize BPV? Drs. Andy Allen, Bruce Wobeser, Janet Hill and Beverly Kidney, WCVM                   Many scientists consider bovine papillomavirus (BPV) as the cause of sarcoids, benign skin tumours that are often diagnosed in horses. However, recent studies have shown that BPV DNA is also found in the normal skin and in non-sarcoid skin …

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