EHRF Fellows: where are they now?

Dr. James Carmalt, a former EHRF Research Fellow (2001-05). Photo: David Stobbe.

Nearly three dozen graduate students at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine have served as EHRF Research Fellows in the past three decades.

As the following examples illustrate, many of these equine specialists have built on their education and training at WCVM to accomplish great things in the world of horse health care.

Dr. Hugh Townsend (1977-79) is a professor in WCVM’s Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences and research scientist at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO). Townsend is internationally known for his research work in equine influenza, vaccine efficacy and vaccine development.

Dr. Jeremy Bailey (1979-81) is a board-certified large animal surgeon, a professor in WCVM’s Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences and associate dean (academic) at WCVM. Bailey was instrumental in developing the first phase of the College’s equine performance, teaching and research centre — a facility that includes Western Canada’s only high speed treadmill and computerized force plate analysis system.

Dr. Bill Crawford (1981-83) was a professor at the University of Wisonsin for seven years before establishing an equine surgical practice in Innisfail, Alta., with his wife, Dr. Sue Young. The Young-Crawford Veterinary Clinic became well known for its advances in equine surgery and for giving young veterinarians valuable surgical experiences. Crawford, a board-certified veterinary surgeon, retired in 2003.

Dr. Mark Hurtig (1982-84) is a board-certified large animal surgeon and an associate professor at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. Hurtig is also director of the U of G Comparative Orthopaedic Research Laboratory — a pre-clinical core facility for the Canadian Arthritis Network and part of the National Centres of Excellence. This laboratory, which focuses on osteoarthritis and sports injury research, relies on collaborations with clinicians and scientists in clinical medicine, diagnostic imaging, pathology, veterinary medicine, bioengineering, mathematics, physics and pharmacology.

Dr. John Caron (1983-85) is a professor of equine surgery in the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. The equine clinician and board-certified surgeon has a special interest in treatment options for arthritis.

Dr. Dan French (1986-88) is a board-certified, equine surgical specialist at the Okotoks Animal Clinic in Okotoks, Alta. He is the resident veterinarian at Spruce Meadows and one of the top equine practitioners for sport horses in the world. French also oversees operations at Teradan Farms, his family’s Hanoverian blood stock breeding farm.

Dr. Ray Geor (1986-88) is an associate professor in the Ontario Veterinary College’s Department of Biomedical Sciences. Geor has extensive experience in the clinical assessment of athletic performance in horses and has gained international recognition for his expertise in equine nutrition.

Dr. Andrew Allen (1989-91) is a professor in WCVM’s Department of Veterinary Pathology and chair of the Equine Health Research Fund. Allen has conducted numerous research studies and identified risk factors for congenital hypothyroidism in foals — a disease that is a significant cause of foal deaths in Western Canada and parts of the U.S.

Dr. Mike Scott (1994-97) is a board-certified veterinary surgeon and practitioner at Moore & Company, an equine specialty practice near Calgary, Alta. Scott is recognized for his expertise as a surgeon and his knowledge of maintaining the health of performance horses.

Dr. Christine Theoret (1999-2001) is an associate professor and board-certified equine surgeon in the University of Montreal’s faculté de médecine vétérinaire. Based on her graduate research work at WCVM, Theoret has gained a wide range of expertise in equine wound management.

Dr. James Carmalt (2001-2005) was the first EHRF-sponsored graduate student to undertake a residency in equine practice at WCVM. Carmalt also completed a large animal surgery residency at the College and developed a special interest in equine dentistry.

As well, Carmalt is certified by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) as an endurance racing veterinary judge and served as Canada’s team veterinarian during the 2005 FEI World Endurance Championships in Dubai, UAE.

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