Horse Health Lines: Summer 2007

Cap Munro and horse

Cap Munro and her horse Dreamer at Laura Lynn Equestrian Centre in North Vancouver, B.C. Photo: Olivia Fraguas.

Click here to view the Summer 2007 issue of Horse Health Lines, publication for the Equine Health Research Fund. Here are some highlights from this edition:

• ARCHITECTS OF HORSE HEALTH: A new research fund awards $410,000 to three WCVM research teams for multi-year projects addressing critical horse health issues.

• ON THE RESEARCH ROAD AGAIN: Eight research teams have received $122,000 from the Equine Health Research Fund — one of its largest allotments in 30 years.

• A HORSE-POWERED LIFE: A passion for horses has powered Dr. Fernando Marqués’ life since the Argentine-born veterinarian and equestrian was eight years old.

• FAILURE OF PASSIVE TRANSFER IN FOALS: A quick response can save a life when passive transfer of antibodies fails between a mare and its newborn foal.

• CAN eFSH BETTER THE ODDS OF EMBRYO TRANSFER? WCVM researchers explore the potential effects of equine follicle stimulating hormone (eFSH) on embryo transfer.

• HORSE HEALTH GIFT IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS: Cap Munro of North Vancouver, B.C., has come up with a unique plan for supporting horse health research at WCVM.

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