EHRF donations make great gifts!

torin.closeup.winter.2010Struggling to find a meaningful Christmas present for your family’s horse enthusiast, your local veterinarian or your riding coach?

Here’s a great option for you: make a donation to the WCVM’s Equine Health Research Fund (EHRF) on their behalf!

Unlike a coffee gift card or a box of chocolates, a contribution to the EHRF is a gift that keeps on giving. Donations to the EHRF support equine research studies and specialized training for graduate students whose research and clinical work focuses on horses.

In other words, your gift will ultimately help to improve the health of all horses and assist in building a network of equine veterinary specialists across Western Canada.

How can you give a gift to the EHRF? Visit the fund’s donation page to learn how you can give a gift online, by phone or by mail. If you would like a letter sent to your family members or friends to inform them of your donation, please contact the WCVM Development Office (306-966-7268 or and let us help you organize your Christmas gift.

If you would like to honour the memory of a special horse or person who has died in the past year, the EHRF also has a memorial program that will help you celebrate the lives of people and horses that are no longer with us. Visit the EHRF memorial program for more information or read an article about the program.


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