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WCVM graduate program

Equine health gifts set donors apart

February 20th, 2013

Bob Brickley is an equine rancher who lives near the rural community of Kennedy in the southeast corner of Saskatchewan. Bob and his wife Lois both grew up in the same area, and for decades, their lives have revolved around raising cattle, horses and kids on their place — the Moose Mountain Ranch. With the goal of “breeding quality horses …

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Trail rider in Saskatchewan

The tick factor

Like many Saskatchewan residents, I’ve have had to resign myself to dealing with ticks in recent years. Slowly but surely, ticks appear to be creeping into parts of the province that were previously (and blissfully) tick-free. The first tick I ever encountered was flung clear across the room in horror (never to be seen again). But I’ve since become a …

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Rocky Mountain tick

Quick tick facts

“Know your enemy” is a well-known military maxim that’s also good advice for people on the Canadian Prairies who are seeing increasing populations of tick species in the region. Here are some quick facts about ticks and tick-borne diseases: Ticks, like spiders and mites, have eight legs in their mature form (as adults) and are members of the class Arachnida. …

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Matthew Malyk wraps a horse's legs.

Fund backs baker’s dozen of research projects

Researchers at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) have received more than $183,000 in grants to support a baker’s dozen of vital research projects that will enhance equine and companion animal health care in Canada. “The calibre of the submitted research proposals was very high this year — making it difficult for the funds to make a final selection …

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Dr. Imma Roquet

The road from Barcelona to Saskatoon

An avid equestrian since the age of six, Dr. Imma Roquet had no doubt that her life would revolve around horses. “I just love them — I have no other explanation,” explains Roquet who grew up with horses and dogs in Tona, Spain – a small rural town near Barcelona. Roquet graduated from the University of Barcelona’s veterinary program in 2006. …

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