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Studying the airway microbiome in horses

February 04th, 2015

Veterinary researchers at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) are investigating whether certain bacterial populations in a horse’s windpipe can contribute to a respiratory disease called recurrent airway obstruction (RAO). More commonly known as heaves, RAO can be triggered by something as simple as feeding poor quality hay to a horse. Exposure to dust, mouldy hay, ammonia fumes and fungal …

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Healthy horses needed for respiratory study

Researchers at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine are looking for healthy horses to be part of a respiratory study this summer. The study, headed by large animal medicine specialists Drs. Julia Montgomery and Katharina Lohmann, will help to set reliable reference ranges for two common tests used to diagnose and treat airway disease in horses. Questions about the two …

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Dr. Baljit Singh,

The art of collaborative research

Years of dealing with complicated, multifactorial diseases such as endotoxemia in horses has taught the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s Dr. Baljit Singh that the best approach to finding solutions is multidisciplinary teamwork. “If you’re going to develop new ideas or find new treatments, it’s going to be through collaboration with people who are away from your field,” says Singh, …

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