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Sable Island offers unique opportunity

February 09th, 2016

My feet and back are aching, my boots are filled with sand, and I have horse manure all over my hands after a day of collecting fecal samples. I’ve just finished a 15-kilometre hike, an almost daily occurrence, and I’m heading back to the research station to help with another four or five hours of lab work. I’m utterly exhausted, …

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Sarah Medill records location and descriptions of a band of horses on Sable Island. Photo: Kathrine Stewart.

Where the wild horses are

As a horse lover, Sarah Medill has found the perfect PhD research job. For the past three summers, she has been part of a University of Saskatchewan research team studying the more than 500 wild horses of Sable Island, a beautiful but remote Nova Scotian island declared a National Park Reserve last year. The unique herd, legally protected since the …

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