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Regular dental checkups health investment

August 03rd, 2015

Everybody knows the importance of regular dental checkups when it comes to human health, so it should come as no surprise that horse health is just as dependent upon regular oral health checks. Dr. James Carmalt, a professor of equine surgery and a specialist in equine dentistry at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), recommends that horses receive routine …

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Internal medicine resident Dr. Carolina Duran performs a dental exam on an equine patient. Photo: Christina Weese.
Payten Keyowsi

Horse Health Lines: Autumn 2009

The Autumn 2009 issue of Horse Health Lines is now available online. View your own full-colour copy of the WCVM Equine Health Research Fund’s news publication in a new, reader-friendly format. Here’s an overview of what you will find inside this issue of Horse Health Lines: • EQUINE TEETH TELL VITAL HEALTH STORY: A WCVM research team complete a baseline …

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Horses in fog

Horse Health Lines: Spring 2005

Click here to view the Spring 2005 issue of Horse Health Lines. • A New Era in Horse Health: The Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s expansion brings new technology, services and research to horses. • Promising Potentials: Scientist test potential of new equine health research studies. • Equine Link to Island Fungus: Vancouver Island horses are exposed to Cryptococcus gattii. …

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