Horse Health Lines (Spring 2018) online

The Spring 2018 issue of Horse Health Lines, news publication for the WCVM’s Townsend Equine Health Research Fund, is now online. You can also view the publication as part of the May/June issue of Canadian Horse Journal or check out the PDF version.

Inside this issue, you’ll find the following stories:

  • Surgical solution for PPID?: A WCVM researcher is working on a surgical option for treating pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID).
  • Gift horse: The Equine Foundation of Canada’s gift of a simulated horse is helping WCVM veterinary students gain a better grasp of equine anatomy and prepare for live patients.
  • The vet behind the PowerFloat: The PowerFloat was the brainchild of WCVM alumnus Dr. Dennis Rach, a Calgary-based large animal veterinarian who has always liked solving problems.
  • First aid, equine style: Knowing the ABCs of first aid helps to prepare you and your horse for the veterinarian’s arrival.
  • Equine elders: In 1982, two very special foals were born in Western Canada. Blue and Fire went on to have long, rich lives that earned special spots in the hearts of their owners and health caregivers.
  • Human medicine helps solve horse research puzzle: When equine researchers ran into a snag during a study of equine metabolic syndrome, they found their answer in human medicine.
  • Hamilton selected as FEI official: A veteran veterinarian will be on hand to ensure the health and safety of endurance horses competing in the 2018 World Equestrian Games.
  • Galloping Gazette: Equine news from around the WCVM.

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