Vet students to host young equine riders

Equine club seminar

WCVM veterinary student Angela Oakley discusses lameness issues with local 4-H and Pony Club members. Photo: Myrna MacDonald.

For one Saturday in January, young riders in Saskatchewan will have the chance to learn all about horse health care, equine veterinary medicine and horse husbandry from future veterinarians at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM).

Members of the WCVM Equine Club are organizing activities for the 2012 Pony Club and 4-H Education Day that will take place at the veterinary college on Saturday, January 21. The annual event is always a highlight for members of local Canadian Pony Club branches and equine-focused 4-H clubs across Saskatchewan.

During the day, veterinary students lead participants through presentations, wet labs, demonstrations, games and other activities that all relate to horses. This year, young riders will be split into three groups based on age and experience:

• WCVM beginner day camp: Members between the ages of six and nine years old will learn about horse health through hands-on activities, displays and teaching sessions with veterinary students and chaperones.

• Intermediate lectures and wet labs: Members between the ages of 10 and 14 will have their day packed with classroom talks and hands-on activities that all relate to equine veterinary care. The young riders will learn how a horse functions, stays healthy and performs to its best.

• Advanced lectures and tours: Advanced 4-H and Pony Club riders will learn more about equine veterinary medicine through lectures and cases presented by equine-focused veterinary students. The afternoon will also include a tour of the WCVM’s Veterinary Medical Centre and other equine-related facilities.

To register for the 2012 Pony Club and 4-H Education Day, please submit a completed registration form and payment to your club leader. Club leaders are asked to complete a club registration sheet and submit it along with the registration forms and payment to:

Gillian Dobson
3509 Taylor Street East
Saskatoon, SK  S7H 5H2

More details are also included in a letter to 4-H and Pony Club leaders. For further information, please contact Gillian Dobson (306-361-4366).


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