Horse Health Lines: Autumn 2006

Polo at Willow RidgeClick here to download your issue of Horse Health Lines (Autumn 2006). Here are some highlights from our latest roundup of horse health research news:

A “10-Goal” Day: A Saskatoon couple gives $1.07 million to WCVM’s equine and companion animal health programs.
• “Where Would We be Without Horses?”: Donors Heather Ryan and L. David Dubé answer questions about their decision to support equine health research at WCVM in a big way.
• A Match Made for Equine Health: A new fund raising incentive could potentially earn $1 million for equine health research at WCVM in the next five years.
• Canada’s First Veterinary Dentistry Residency Program: WCVM has received approval from the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) to offer Canada’s first accredited residency program in veterinary dentistry.
• Vaccination Key to Anthrax Prevention: After a record outbreak of anthrax in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, veterinarians are recommending that livestock producers and horse owners who live near affected areas to vaccinate for at least the next three years.
• Zoom in on the Equine Genome: High-density sequencing of the equine genome will have a positive impact on WCVM-based research.
• WCVM’s Road to Expansion: Snapshots of WCVM’s $57-million expansion that will have a direct impact on horse health care, equine veterinary training and equine research.
• A Model Virus: PhD student Dr. Tasha Epp is designing a predictive model for West Nile virus surveillance. Will it work?
• Right on Track: How a horse-mad B.C. girl became a veterinarian to America’s racing stars.
• Mocha Brewing: The byproduct of a WCVM research study makes impressive tracks in the sport of endurance racing.

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