Horse Health Lines (Fall 2017) now online

hhl.fall.2017.coverThe Fall 2017 issue of Horse Health Lines, news publication for the WCVM’s Townsend Equine Health Research Fund, is now online. You can also view the publication as part of the September/October issue of Canadian Horse Journal or check out the PDF version

Inside this issue, you’ll find the following stories:

• Equine explorers: With the support of TEHRF, WCVM researchers will explore the potential of five new equine research projects in 2017-18.

• Horse time: Dr. Stacey Nahachewsky, a 2014 WCVM graduate, is taking the ride of a lifetime across Western Canada with her father and sister.

• Equine sarcoids — a mystery gone viral: Drs. Bruce Wobeser and Sarah Greenwood are hoping to use their skills as pathology detectives to solve the mystery behind equine sarcoids and skin cancers.

• Isolated horses offer insight into virus: Feral horses on Sable Island are providing a WCVM research team with fresh insight into the presence of papillomavirus.

• Roar removal: WCVM researchers are hoping to develop a better surgical therapy for “roarers” — horses affected by recurrent laryngeal neuropathy (RLN).

• Reining in equine obesity: A WCVM study shows that on average, Saskatoon-area horses weigh slightly higher than ideal. Should owners be concerned? Two WCVM veterinarians say yes.

• Metabolic syndrome linked to weight: Dr. Julia Montgomery answers questions about equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) — a chronic disease that’s more common in overweight horses.

• Galloping Gazette: Equine news around the WCVM.

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