Horse Health Lines (Summer 2011) online

Equine endoscope

As WCVM student Derk Pierik holds teaching mare “Bonnie,” Dr. David Wilson (left) inserts the overground endoscope camera into the horse’s nasal passage. In the foreground, Dr. Fernando Marqués holds the endoscope’s wireless monitor. Photo: Debra Marshall.

The Summer 2011 issue of Horse Health Lines, news publication for the WCVM’s Equine Health Research Fund, is now online. Click here to view the entire newsletter online.

Inside this issue, you’ll find the following stories:

  • EHRF puts equine researchers to work: Six WCVM research teams receive more than $106,000 in support for equine health studies.
  • Patching up Pearl: Equine surgeon Dr. Ryan Shoemaker of Sherwood Park, Alta., goes the extra mile for a rescue mare named Pearl.
  • Double-double for horse health: The Equine Foundation of Canada’s $20,000 donation to the EHRF doubles in value — thanks to the Heather Ryan and L. David Dubé Foundation.
  • Launching into research: Research has become a big part of Dr. Imma Roquet’s life since the EHRF research fellow came to the WCVM in 2009.
  • Marathon surgery saves mare’s life: Noor, an 11-year-old Arab mare, survives more than 12 hours of surgery to remove one side of her jaw and a cancerous tumour.
  • Water: the number one nutrient: It’s essential to a horse’s life, but water is a vital nutrient that often gets overlooked by horseowners.

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