Horse Health Lines: Summer 2010

Dr. Claire Card. Photo: Debra Marshall.

Dr. Claire Card, equine baby maker. Photo: Debra Marshall.

The Summer 2010 issue of Horse Health Lines is now available online. View your own full-colour copy of the WCVM Equine Health Research Fund’s news publication in a new, reader-friendly format.

Here’s an overview of what you will find inside this issue of Horse Health Lines:

• $76,000 for 7 Studies: The EHRF earmarks $76,000 for seven equine research studies that will be conducted by WCVM researchers during 2010-11.

• Pergolide’s Dose Strength Critical to Health: PhD student Dr. Katherine Ball shows that concentrations of pergolide are lower than expected in compounded doses.

• Dr. Claire Card: Equine Baby maker: WCVM’s Dr. Claire Card has helped to bring many foals into the world that wouldn’t have been born without a helping hand from science.

• Putting a Prairie Spin to Deworming: A WCVM study will investigate the intestinal parasite load of horses living on the Prairies so clinicians can establish Prairie-based deworming programs.

• Young Equine Steward: Horses and equine welfare have a special place in the heart of third-year veterinary student Taryn Holtby of Marshall, Sask.

• Genetic Study Spot On:
A new study confirms that a single gene causes congenital stationary night blindness and leopard complex spotting in Appaloosas.

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