Horse Health Lines: Autumn 2008

Rhodococcus equi pneumonia, equine ocular anomalies, gastric ulcers and a unique fundraising initiative for horse health research are among the topics highlighted in the latest issue of Horse Health Lines — the publication for the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s Equine Health Research Fund.

Click here to download your own copy of the Autumn 2008 issue of Horse Health Lines.

• A MIGHTY GIFT FOR HORSE HEALTH: A Saskatchewan ranching couple makes a unique contribution to WCVM’s matching gift incentive program.

• THE IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: A team of researchers at the University of Saskatchewan strives to “outwit, outplay and outlast” a deadly bacteria in the ultimate survival game for young foals.

• TOUGH TO STOMACH: As awareness grows, more people are taking a closer look at equine gastric ulcers and their potential impact on horses’ performance and quality of life.

• TUMMY TROUBLES: A horse owner’s guide to equine gastric ulcers including the disease’s causes, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and long-term management.

• THE COAT COLOUR CONNECTION: Findings from a new WCVM study confirm that coat colour is linked to the ocular anomalies that affect one out of every two Rocky and Kentucky Mountain Horses in Canada and the United States.

• EHRF CONTRIBUTORS: The Equine Health Research Fund pays tribute to its generous donors who supported the organization during the past year.

• GALLOPING GAZETTE: The latest horse health news and events in Western Canada’s horse community.

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